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Gym was a real struggle today

I think I’m getting sick or something. Have been hella tired and sluggish lately in general. Might have something to do with how I have no job or school and thus no reason to wake up or be up, leading to a marked and self-perpetuating malaise affecting my physical and mental well being.

Or maybe the sick thing…

Anyway, I sat around in gym clothes for hourrrsss, finally got my ass up and went to the gym for 45 lame minutes of cardio. Was there about an hour later than normal and it was packed! Also, it’s cold out.

All in all it’s been a lame ass day.

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There’s this chick in my choir who fancies herself the greatest diva alive and I just wanna strangle her. She has a good voice. Alright, sure, but it doesn’t blow me away. She’s ok. Probably no better than the 40 other sopranos sitting behind her (because she always needs a seat in the front row) but she jumps on every opportunity to get a solo ever.

She showed up to this choir a year ago and has had a solo at the last 2 shows we’ve done. She already has one for our upcoming show but she’s auditioning for another one next week.

When you already have a solo for a show you let other people audition for the other ones! That’s how it’s done. We’re not your backup band, girl. I might audition for this one but I’ll hate her even more if she gets it over me and I’ll also be terrified if I get it so I dunno.

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Beyoncé - Soundtrack

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Happy 26th Birthday Candice Susan Swanepoel 

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BTS of Mac

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